Monday, 14 June 2021

The idolatry of the Doctrine of the Trinity

I complain about the idolatry and ignorance of Domingo.

3:00  Definition of idolatry by Merriam Webster
9:00  Nicene creed
11:00  Third Principle of Judaism
13:00  Athanasian Creed

25:00  Different definitions of idolatry and God
31:00  Jews - what are they for?
35:00  Associating partners with God/shituf
39:00  Idolatry

42:00  Multiple Truth Hypothesis
47:00  Confidence trick
48:00  The Abrahamic God
53:00  Christian section of Hell
54:00  DOMINGO joins.
58:00  Definition of God
1:00:00  Idolatry
1:10:00  The Third Principle of Judaism

1:11:00  TERRON joins.
1:12:00  The idolatry of Christianity
1:13:00  Omnipotence
1:14:00  The Trinity
1:20:00  Terron is riled.
1:22:00  Jehovah's Witnesses
1:23:00  God was a baby.
1:30:00  Virgin Birth
1:31:00  Emotional and triggered
1:40:00  Jacob Wallenberg
2:02:00  No good men in Christianity.

2:03:00  RALPH joins talking about accelerationism.
2:13:00  Idolatry

Talking about Jews and jewelry with Vincent Bruno

5:00  I join.

10:00  Atheism and pantheism
11:00  Flowing a debate
12:00  Dr Michael Brown
18:00  Observance and enforcement
19:00  Islam is the most Noahide gentile religion. 
21:00  Sharia
22:00  36 capital offences, shituf and avodah zarah
23:00  Jews and gentiles would be subject to the same death penalty for certain offences.
25:00  Hidden idolatry
26:00  Christianity and Hinduism
27:00  Cultural appropriation by Christianity of Judaism
28:00  Caesar's Messiah and John Gischala
29:00  Being a Noahide led to conversion to Judaism
30:00  Midrash
The Midrash is part of the Talmud.
38:00  Ethno-nationalists hate Vincent and approve of the Noahide laws.
39:00  Vincent acknowledges that not all Jews are liberal. 
40:00  Idolatry and blasphemy
41:00  Vincent's gay breeding farms
43:00  Gentiles hate Jews for acting like gentiles. 
44:00  Liberal Jews is a problem of liberalism.
45:00  Melanie Phillips

"The Noahide laws are Judaism."

48:00  Messianic Jews
50:00  Definitions of God and idolatry
56:00  Jews are supposed to know better than to practise idolatry. 
58:00 Kabbalah
1:00:00  Ein Sof - the force
1:02:00  Brahman
1:06:00  God before the Creation
Israel means wrestling with God.
1:07:00  Rule of law
1:08:00  Reincarnation
1:09:00  Atheist Buddhism
Transmigration of souls
1:10:00  The evil eye or ayin hara
1:12:00  Abel was a victim of envy.
1:13:00  Envy is a thoughtcrime.
1:14:00  Swots get bullied.
1:15:00  Talisman
1:19:00  Amulet
1:28:00  A necklace of garlic is an amulet.

1:36:00  The harm of idolatry
1:38:00  A hierarchy of religions
1:39:00  India
1:40:00  Is Chinese ancestor worship idolatry?
The last emperor
1:44:00  Secular Koranism
1:45:00  Israel
1:53:00  Vaccines

Dr. Brown explains why he took down our Noahide debate

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Discussing Judaism, Islam4Europeans, Noahide laws, comfort women and Church of Entropy's pantheism

2:00  Jews and Judaism

5:00  Rap music

6:00  Malign encouragement

7:00  Jews should at least deign to defend themselves. 

8:00  Over-representation in the professions and positions of influence

9:00  Rules are made to be broken.

10:00  The problem of Liberal Jews is a problem of Liberalism.

12:00  Koranic principles

10:00:00  Scyth accused of having an obsession with Claire Khaw with last mention of me at 11:20:00

16:00  I have the best understanding of ethno-nationalists. 

17:00  North Sound divide of British nationalism

19:00  Democrats

21:00  Blacks and Hispanics being used by the Democrats.

Pandering to the female voter who are the biggest group

23:00  The Fourth Estate

24:00  Race is a red herring.

25:00  Yin and Yang, the institution of marriage

26:00  Marriage and good parenting and who may have sex with whom

28:00  Marriage is universal and eternal. 

29:00  Degeneracy

30:00  Statistical probability of underachieving if singly parented by an unmarried mother

31:00  Marriage is the most important male and female partnership.

32:00  Slut shaming

33:00  David Starkey: "The whites have turned black."

35:00  Apparently conservative looking Muslim women in the West who support transgenderism.

Female and male MPs who support gay marriage

36:00  Fornication is the gateway sexual offence. 

37:00  21st century dating behaviour

40:00  Early marriage

41:00  Men have to take women as they come.

42:00  Father and son talks

44:00  The vamp, the crazy lady and the trouble making woman

The men are stupid and the women are crazy.

45:00  Senior politicians will be avoiding discussion of matriarchy.

46:00  Secular Koranism

49:00  Are immigrants to the West rats boarding a sinking ship?

51:00  The ideological war is between those who want to respect marriage ie restore the patriarchy and those who don't 

52:00  DOMINGO joins.

54:00  Saints and suckers

56:00  ROB DUFOUR joins.

57:00  Murder of a Muslim family in Toronto

1:01:00  Minorities campaigning for free speech

1:02:00  Safe space for white converts

1:04:00  Mosque architecture

1:06:00  Great Mosque of Xian

1:11:00  Muslim for 18 years

1:12:00  Scientific miracles of the Koran

1:14:00  Romans overcoming the Persians

1:19:00  The Koran was created.

1:26:00  The age of Aisha

1:34:00  CONOPS speaks.

2:06:00  Wahhabis

2:10:00  No true Scotsman fallacy

2:11:00  Muslim rape gangs

2:15:00  Religion and politics

2:18:00  Separation of church and state

2:19:00  Providential Constitutionalism and Secular Koranism

2:21:00  Infanticide

2:22:00  Nihilism

2:25:00  Islam4Europeans

2:26:00  White Supremacists

2:27:00  "All things being equal, Jews should support [Islam4Europeans]."

2:28:00  "All things being equal, even Ben Shapiro should support Islam4Europeans."

2:36:00  Porn

2:38:00  Honour killings

2:41:00  VPN and my dangerous blocked blog on blogger 

2:49:00  Free speech

2:53:00  I am known to the authorities.

2:58:00  My agnosticism

2:59:00  Choosing to believe in God as a moral choice

3:00:00  Benefits to atheists of theocracy

3:01:00  The Noahide laws can be deduced from the Torah. 

3:02:00  TERRON POOLE rejoins. 

Taking the middle way

3:03:00  My principle is to sell Secular Koranism.

3:04:00  A theocracy is a society governed by God's laws.

3:05:00  I am a beneficiary of previous generations who practised marriage. 

3:06:00  Status reasons for practising marriage

3:07:00  Atheist from 11

3:08:00  The public and private purpose of religion

3:09:00  Spiritual needs

3:10:00  Getting what I want

3:11:00  Job

3:12:00  Principles

3:13:00  Risk-averse atheists

3:14:00  Praying for the adoption of Secular Koranism

3:15:00  Church of Entropy

3:16:00  Jen's theocracy

3:17:00  The Abrahamic God

3:18:00  Empires

3:19:00  The utility of lies

3:20:00  Valuing truth for its own sake

3:21:00  Seven Deadly Sins

3:22:00  Priesthood

3:23:00  The Noahide laws

3:27:00  Secular Koranism guarantees freedom of belief with

3:28:00  Jews and Muslims should jointly ask Christians why and how Christianity is not idolatry and b blasphemy. 

3:29:00  No fault divorce will be abolished. 

3:31:00  Chief Rabbinate

3:32:00  People of the Book


3:34:00  Noahide Jews?

3:36:00  Would secular Jews in Israel choose Secular Koranism rather than a Torah theocracy if forced to choose a theocracy? 

3:37:00  Israel has to make peace with its neighbours.

3:38:00  Rabbi Kahane

3:39:00  Rabbinically-guided Noahidism

3:54:00  The narrative of the Abrahamic God

3:55:00  Ranking the four gentile religions according to the Noahide laws

3:56:00  Forced conversions

3:57:00  Breaking their own rules

3:58:00  George Washington's farewell speech

3:59:00  Abrogation

4:00:00  Interpretation

4:01:00  Alcohol

4:02:00  Legal principles and legal traditions

4:02:00  EU Directive and an Islamic European Union

4:03:00  The best way to reform Islam is for the West to adopt it.

4:04:00  Conops thinks he can sell Secular Koranism better than me. 

4:05:00  Secular Koranism for Europeans

4:08:00  Liverpool Death Pathway and my expulsion from the BNP

4:10:00  Cognitive dissonance

4:11:00  Douglas Murray

4:12:00  Islamophobia

4:14:00  Child marriages

4:16:00  Cohabitation in Iran 

4:17:00  Your children are your wealth.

4:19:00  Hungary and Bangalore

4:20:00  Big business takes over your government under representative democracies.

4:21:00  Oligarchy and ostracism in Ancient Athens

4:22:00  Mortal and fallible men 

4:24:00  Ibadi Muslims

4:25:00  Legal systems of the world

4:26:00  Moral regeneration and the neurosis of moral decay

4:27:00  Seven theocracies in the world

4:28:00  Which country is doing better?

4:30:00  Western imperialism in the Middle East

4:31:00  Saudis

4:33:00  Empires

4:35:00  GDP and elections

4:36:00  One-party state and Louis XIV

4:37:00  George Washington's farewell speech

4:38:00  Factions

4:41:00  Rome: optimates and populares

4:42:00  Rules are made to be broken.

4:43:00  Secular Koranism as an instrument of moral regeneration. 

4:44:00  The necessity but inconvenience of change

4:45:00  Church of Entropy

4:46:00  TERRON rejoins.

4:47:00  China v The West


4:54:00  Morality

4:55:00  The American Republic

4:57:00  But for Judaism, Jews would not exist.

4:58:00  Morality is tested by the longevity of the group.

5:00:00  DOMINGO joins on prostitution.

5:01:00  Comfort women

5:02:00  Organised v Disorganised rape

5:10:00  Abu Ghraib

5:13:00  Comfort women

5:14:00  Enforced prostitution

5:18:00  My psychological assessment of Domingo

5:23:00  ICC and Pelu

5:24:00  Canadian Peace Keepers in Bosnia were accused of rape. 

5:25:00  Disorganised rape

5:26:00  Rape of Nanking

5:28:00  Public order

5:29:00  Morality

5:34:00  What rabbis should be doing

Going native

5:35:00  Infanticide

5:38:00  Muslim antisemitism

5:41:00  Hadith and the story of Abraham

5:42:00  Ending the practice of human sacrifice

5:43:00  Ram

5:44:00  A corrupt priesthood should not be given the power of absolution.

5:46:00  Voodoo dolls and talismens

5:47:00  The power of prayer

5:48:00  The power of the collective consciousness is controlled by the Fourth Estate.

5:51:00  Near death experience and divine intervention

5:54:00  Coincidence

5:55:00  Telepathy

5:57:00  Pygmalion

5:58:00  Our actions are motivated by our beliefs. 

5:59:00  Apatheism

6:00:00  Middle Age

6:01:00  Adolescence will be prolonged.

6:02:00  Parenthood

6:04:00  The culture war is about the morality of the patriarchy.

6:07:00  Parental warning about porn. 

6:09:00  Erotica

6:10:00  Do adults know the difference lust and love?

6:11:00  Dug addict at elementary school as a warning to the children

6:13:00  Police officer in class

6:14:00  Marijuana

6:15:00  Psychotropic drugs

6:16:00  LSD and Ketamine, Spice and Bath Salts 

6:18:00  THC, PCP and Crocodilo, Fentanol

6:22:00  Opium Wars and Afghanistan

6:23:00  Replacing the working class

6:24:00  No revolution if the average is too high. 

6:25:00  The national character is that of the single mother in her 40s.

6|:26:00  Matriarchy and Gender Relations

6:27:00  Degeneracy and moral decay

6:28:00  Transgenderism

6:29:00  Vincent Bruno's homosexual breeding farms

6:31:00  Addicted to our phones

6:33:00  Something in the water

6:34:00  The narrative of the Abrahamic God

6:35:00  The theocracy of Church of Entropy

6:36:00  Jen's definitions

6:37:00  Jen's self-referential definitions

6:39:00  Jen's mumbo jumbo

6:40:00  An indifferent god

6:41:00  Gandalf

6:42:00  A rate white women

6:43:00  Subservience is required for interaction with Jen.

6:44:00  Jen's resilience is Jen's delusion.


6:48:00  Margarita

6:49:00  Doooovid

6:50:00  Neuroscience

6:53:00  Jen is a vulnerable child in an adult female body.

6:54:00  People leaving

6:56:00  Introvert

6:57:00  Self-imposed self-censorship causes neurosis

7:01:00  Atheists have daddy issues.


7:02:00  Hell for Jews

7:05:00  Jen's previous lives

7:06:00  TJump

7:07:00  Sam Shamoun

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Muslims talking about me and Secular Koranism

1:32:00  "Claire Khaw is disingenuous."

"Claire Khaw is pure ratchet."

1:33:00  "Claire Khaw is a Jew."

1:46:00  CONOPS

1:49:00  "Words have become so cheap."

3:48:00  The J word

4:00:00  Clownworld came from the Bay Area. 

4:08:00  Claire Khaw and Jews

4:36:00  Claire Khaw has reinvigorated political and religious discourse.

4:37:00  Claire Khaw has made Islam not so unpalatable to the European. 

Vincent Bruno's homosexual breeding farms.

I have it all figured out!

4:57:00  Secular Koranism

4:59:00  Mohammed Hijab

5:00:00  Tommy Robinson