Thursday, 18 April 2019

How does Judaism view Christianity & Islam?

What a shame Rabbi Tatz did not give us a mini lecture on Avoda Zarah and how Jews are allowed to enter mosques but not churches which are places of abomination where idolatry is practised.

Perhaps next time Ollie sees the rabbi he might like to ask him some more questions that I can easily imagine him shying away from:

1) Is Christianity or Islam more in conformity with the Noahide laws?

2) Is it Kiddush Hashem to point out to the gentile when his laws fall below the minimum moral standards of the Noahide laws?

3) Is it Chilllul Hashem if all rabbis in World Jewry collectively shy away from their duty to the gentile?

4) Is globohomo Amalek?

5) Do Jews have a religious obligation to exterminate the Amalek?

6) If the gentile is now too degenerate to put two and two together, is it the duty of Jews to point out that if Christianity is kaput, they must now choose a religion capable of maintaining morality ie support marriage and family values to replace it or else suffer the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah AKA globohomo which is now worldwide?

7) Do Jews have a duty to commend Islam (which is in conformity with the Noahide laws) to the gentile while urging him to reject idolatrous Christianity (which is not)?

8) How likely is Hashem to punish Jews neglectful of their duty to the now hopelessly degenerate gentile?

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Beware the Jew who incites hatred against Jews

Doooovid's provocation of the goyim begins at 1:19:00 repeatedly taunting them with HIAS. "You are not giving proper respect to Sergey Brin, Jew, who came to America through HIAS", calling them beggars etc ad nauseam.

Friday, 22 March 2019

The corrupt bargain of the Church making Christians practice idolatry while denying it will soon end when the West awakens Muslim

Thursday, 21 March 2019

30:00 Rabbi Mizrachi considers the Nazis at Purim

1:10:00  Rabbi Mizrachi:

How many professors and lawyers and doctors and rabbis in the Beth Din of London are going with married women? How many? Unfortunately. Married women! More and worse than a murderer! It is a sin that is worse than murder with a bigger punishment. It is the death penalty! Unbelievable. So what do you see over there? These filthy murderers will not do it, but people with beautiful ties, they don't have a problem with that. Look what's happening in the rotten society today. Look what happening in Hollywood. Look what the movies are teaching to do. Massive brainwash to the people. No wonder they are like this. It's all from the media. Non-stop brainwash about these things. Non-stop. People become what they see. That's it. [He then goes on to talk about Esther.]

The Deductionist View of Religion

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi calls Chief Rabbi Mirvis a mesirah and accuses him of destroying his UK Community

Topics discussed by Rabbi Mizrachi:

Chief Rabbi Mirvis is denounced as a mesirah. He has also been previously described as rashaim.

The phenomenon of self-hating Jews is considered . I wonder if he is aware of my answer to the Jewish Question at which would tend to lower the heat of antisemitism if it were more widely discussed.

I learn about the Epikoros.

To be Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, you have to be the biggest rashaim and Epikoros in the world, it seems, says Rabbi Mizrachi.

The last one - Rabbi Sacks, though a heretic - was nowhere as bad.

LIBERALISM HAS INFECTED JEWS. Rabbi Mizrachi himself has been accused of Holocaust Denial.


Chief Rabbi Mirvis sicced a Muslim woman at UK Border Agency to interrogate him on arrival about his views to prevent him from entering the UK forcing him to cancel 12 lectures.

42:00 Reincarnation

The Israeli Supreme Court is the viper in the bosom of Israel.

Trump probably being blackmailed.

Jews have a religious duty to peacefully and legally remove the rasha Rabbis Mirvis and Dweck from their positions, says Rabbi Mizrachi, by boycotting their events, not going to their synagogues and not allowing him to be part of their minyan.

Jews should leave Europe for Israel before it is too late.

In 2 or 3 years from now, it will be too late for them.

Antisemitism is off the scale, especially in California.

There are goyim who don't know they are Jewish and there are people who think they are Jews who aren't really Jews.

Jews are so mixed up and their women so out of control that there are even Hamas terrorists who are Jewish.

The Holocaust was caused by the Hand of God.

If Hitler had exercised more patience, he would have won the war and exterminated the Jews.

How does Judaism view Christianity & Islam?

What a shame Rabbi Tatz did not give us a mini lecture on Avoda Zarah and how Jews are allowed to enter mosques but not churches which a...